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The International Coffee Organization’s comprehensive historical statistical data on coffee comprises annual, quarterly, monthly and daily data from as far back as 1964 on exports, imports, market prices, prices to growers, production, stocks and inventories. The value of its unique database is recognized by market analysts, researchers and academics from around the world, who frequently consult these data to formulate their technical papers, econometric models and studies of the coffee market. In addition, coffee authorities make particular use of ICO group indicator prices for payments to farmers in coffee producing countries and the ICO data series is widely used by commodity experts in government trade departments around the world to prepare their coffee statistical reports.

The ICO composite indicator price, a historical series which can be extended back to 1947, provides an overall benchmark for the price of green coffee of all major origins and type, considered to be the best available measure of levels of green coffee transactions on a global basis.

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Regular publications comprise:

  • Daily Prices (ICO composite and group indicators – website only);
  • Monthly Trade Statistics on exports, imports and re-exports;
  • Monthly Prices (ICO composite and group indicators) on the New York, German and French markets;
  • Coffee Statistics, published quarterly, providing information on production, exports, imports, re-exports, market prices, prices to growers and values of imports and exports;
  • Green Coffee Trade Statistics, published annually, providing information on exports, exports by type, imports and re-exports of green coffee by origin and destination;
  • Processed Coffee Trade Statistics, published annually, providing information on exports, imports and re-exports of roasted and soluble coffee by origin and destination.

Unrestricted free access is provided to Coffee Prices and Trade Statistics on this site. For the users who require more detailed information the ICO offers a subscription service to its statistical data, including monthly exports, quarterly and annual statistics with comprehensive data which include statistics supply, exports/imports, indicator prices, prices paid to growers and retail prices.

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