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September 2014 Schedule of Meetings Now Available

Visit the ICO Documents section to find the schedule and related documents for the 113th Session of the International Coffee Council and other ICO bodies to take place from 22-26 September 2014. Click here>>

Renewed Concerns Over Brazil Crop Cause Price Jump

A renewed bullish sentiment triggered by a spate of negative reports on the current Brazilian crop took the ICO composite daily price up by nearly 15% in the last two weeks of July. Several external sources have issued lower production estimates in the last month, spurring the market higher. The damage from the drought at the beginning of the year is expected to cause a global supply deficit in crop year 2014/15, with production in Brazil officially estimated to decrease by 9.3% to 44.57 million bags, its lowest level in three years. Read the July 2014 Coffee Market Report>>

Trade Statistics - June 2014

ICO Coffee Trade Statistics for the month of June 2014:

• World coffee exports amounted to 9.19 million bags in June 2014, compared with 9.2 million bags in June 2013.
• Exports in first nine months of coffee year 2013/14 (Oct/13 to Jun/14) have fallen by 3.5% in comparison with the first nine months of the last coffee year.
• In the twelve months ending June 2014, exports of Arabica totalled 68.92 million bags compared to 69.31 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 39.68 million bags compared to 42.33 million bags.

Note: ICO monthly trade statistics are based on available data at time of publication. For historical data, please submit an information request to the ICO Library at library@ico.org. For public data on the global trade of coffee, visit the Statistics page on our website>>

Opinion: Coffee Producers Need Public-Private Investments In Science To Protect From Drought & Disea

In the ICO’s first column in Global Coffee Report, Executive Director Robério Oliveira Silva writes about the need for more public-private investments in coffee research to protect our farmers from drought and disease. Read the full article on our blog>>

Registration Open: Forum on Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Finance, 23 September 2014

Register today for the ICO’s 4th Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance: Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Finance taking place on 23 September 2014. The event is open to ICO Members, civil society, financial institutions, development professionals, and other actors in the coffee industry. Details and registration>>

Coffee and Cotton: Sharing Lessons on Farmer Access to Finance

On June 27th 2014, ICO Economist, Tom Copple, represented the ICO at the “Organic Cotton Accelerator Expert Workshop" in Amsterdam, organised by Textile Exchange and Change Agency. Mr. Copple presented the work of the ICO's Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance, particularly with regard to aggregation and access to finance. Read his mission report>>

Farewell to Brazilian Ambassador Marcos Pinta Gama

On Tuesday 1 July, the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), and the International Sugar Organization (ISO) hosted a reception to bid farewell to Brazilian Ambassador Marcos Pinta Gama. A message from ICO's Executive Director>>

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Coffee Leaf Rust outbreak

The current epidemic of coffee leaf rust affecting all countries of the region with a 53% incidence is the worst seen since this pest appeared in Central America in 1976.

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ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  20/08/2014
ICO Composite 160.81 +0.9%
Colombian Milds 210.13 +1.0%
Other Milds 210.15 +1.0%
Brazilian Naturals 180.25 +0.9%
Robustas 98.85 +0.8%

4th Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance

The 4th Consultative Forum will be held in London on 23 September 2014. The event is open to ICO Members, civil society, financial institutions, development professionals, and other actors in the coffee industry. Details>>

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