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Coffee Trade Statistics - May 2015

• World coffee exports amounted to 9.28 million bags in May 2015, compared with 10.54 million bags in May 2014.

• Exports in first eight months of coffee year 2014/15 (Oct/14 to May/15) have fallen by 4.6% in comparison with the first eight months of the last coffee year.

• In the twelve months ending May 2015, exports of Arabica totalled 67.26 million bags compared to 69.10 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 43.35 million bags compared to 44.50 million bags.

More facts and figures about the coffee trade in our #CoffeeTradeStats infograph>>

ICO’s Executive Director Delivers Speech at 6th Forum & Coffee Dinner in Brazil

The Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization, Mr Robério Oliveira Silva, participated in the 6th Forum & Coffee Dinner on 18-19 May 2015. The event was hosted in São Paulo by the Council of Brazilian Coffee Exporters (CeCafé) with support from the Museu do Café and the state’s Cultural Ministry.
Read more about the event on our blog>>

ICO Head of Operations Participates in First International Competition of Coffees Roasted at Origin

Mauricio Galindo, ICO’s Head of Operations, conveyed the ICO’s satisfaction in the celebration of the First International Competition of Coffees Roasted at Origin, organised by the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA, its acronym in French). The purpose of the event was to enable coffee farmers to present coffees both produced and roasted by them, directly to the consumer.
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Highlights from ICO’s Presentation at Re:co, Specialty Coffee Symposium in Sweden

Mauricio Galindo, ICO’s Head of Operations, delivered a talk at the Re:Co Symposium 2015 in Gothenburg, Sweden on the state of the global coffee supply chain. Offering insight into some of the most pressing topics in the global coffee market, Mr Galindo focused on issues concerning production data, market access challenges faced by smallholder coffee producers, and the interesting shifts in trends in consumer markets.
Read highlights from his presentation on the ICO Blog>>

Coffee Market Report May 2015 - Coffee Prices Fall But Brazilian Production Estimated Lower

Coffee prices continued their decline as speculation over the current 2015/16 Brazilian crop suggests that the market has no immediate supply concerns. Indeed, one major trading house has already forecast a global supply surplus for 2015/16. The continued weakness of the Brazilian real has put downward pressure on prices, although export volumes did slip slightly in April. Finally, Conab have released their second estimate of production in Brazil for 2015/16, which is forecast to decrease by 2.3% to 44.3 million bags, which is very much at the lower end of the initial range given in January.

Vision 2020 Stakeholder Webinar - Videos and Report Available for Download

On 11 May 2015 the partner organisations of ‘Vision 2020 for a Sustainable Coffee Sector’ hosted two interactive webinars for stakeholder update and input. The two separate webinars were a big success with over one hundred registrations from a diverse spectrum of coffee stakeholders. As a result, extremely valuable feedback and proposals for next steps were received.
Visit our blog to find the report, slides, and videos of the webinar>>

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ICO Indicator prices
(US cents/lb)  02/07/2015
ICO Composite 121.32 0.0%
Colombian Milds 146.11 +0.2%
Other Milds 155.02 +0.3%
Brazilian Naturals 124.72 0.0%
Robustas 89.73 -0.5%

5th Consultative Forum on #CoffeeSectorFinance

The 5th Consultative Forum was held in London on 3 March 2015.The Forum promoted an exchange of views on ‘How to effectively structure a project in order to obtain financing’. Details>>

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