ICO Seminar: Achieving Sustainable Supply in the Coffee Market - 4 March 2014

Videos and Presentations 

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  • Welcome by ICO Executive Director - Coffee Seminar March 2014
  • Stefan Uhlenbrock, F.O. Licht Commodity Analysts - World Supply and Demand Outlook
  • Judith Ganes-Chase, J. Ganes Consulting, LLC - Coffee Producers Getting Reprieve but Sustainable Practices Still Critical
  • Karsten Ranitzsch, Nestle Nespresso S.A. - Achieving Sustainability Through Quality Over Quantity
  • Q&A: Global Production and Trade Overview
  • Tanvi Savara, Datamonitor Consumer - Consumer and Innovation Trends and Future Growth Opportunities in Coffee
  • Alan Bullion, The Public Ledger - Coffee Market Outlook
  • Q&A: Capitalising on New Trends, Markets, and Product Development
  • Kona Haque, Macquarie Bank Limited - Coping with Volatility in the Coffee Value Chain
  • Keith Flury, BNP Paribas - Coffee and Currencies: How the Buck Impacts the Bean
  • Q&A: Price Forecasts, Currency Fluctuations, and Price Volatility
  • Edward George, Ecobank - The Coffee Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Euan Mann, CCS Coffee - The Asian Coffee Market: Trends in Production & Consumption
  • Q&A: Supply-Side Outlook