International Coffee Council: The Council is the highest authority of the Organization and is composed of representatives of each Member Government. It meets in March and September to discuss coffee matters, approve strategic documents and consider the recommendations of advisory bodies and committees.

Council sessions enable delegates to have high-level contacts with major players in the global coffee industry. Representatives come from government Ministries, Coffee Boards and Embassies, supported by alternates from industry and advisers.

Decisions are usually reached on the basis of consensus. This is important so that the measures which can have a major impact on coffee, such as quality and projects, achieve as much support as possible.

World Coffee Conference: The World Coffee Conference meets every four to five years, with the aim of contributing to furthering the objectives of the Agreement. The Council decides on the title, subject and timing of the Conference, in consultation with the Private Sector Consultative Board.

Consultative Forum on Coffee Sector Finance: The Consultative Forum facilitates consultations on topics related to finance and risk management in the coffee sector, with an emphasis on the needs of small- and medium-scale producers and local communities in coffee producing areas.

Private Sector Consultative Board (PSCB): The PSCB is composed of 16 leading industry representatives from exporting and importing Members. It considers matters including increasing the value and volume of worldwide coffee consumption; positive communication on coffee, development of a sustainable coffee sector; food safety, quality and coffee supply chain issues.

Projects Committee: The Projects Committee makes recommendations to the Council on all matters related to the submission, appraisal, approval and funding of projects, as well as their implementation and evaluation.

Promotion and Market Development Committee: The Promotion and Market Development Committee makes recommendations to the Council on the promotion of coffee consumption and market development matters including market development plans and promotion of consumption, coffee and health, analysis of new proposals and arrangements for financing activities.

Finance and Administration Committee: The Finance and Administration Committee submits recommendations to the Council on financial and administrative matters including the approval of the Administrative Budget and the Annual Accounts of the Organization.

Statistics Committee: The Statistics Committee makes recommendations to the Council on statistical matters including statistical information on world production, prices, exports, imports and re-exports, distribution and consumption of coffee; indicator prices; stocks and compliance in providing statistical information.

Executive Director: The Executive Director is responsible to the Council for the administration and operation of the Agreement. Mr José Dauster Sette, a Brazilian national, is the Executive Director since 1 May 2017.

Secretariat: The Head of Operations and the Head of Finance and Administration are responsible for areas of work such as Projects, Statistics, Information and Finance. An international professional staff comprising economists, statisticians and support personnel are responsible for implementing the programme of activities.

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