6th Cafés do Brasil Research Symposium

2 June 2009

The Head of Operations, Mr José Sette, was invited to speak at the 6th Cafés do Brasil Research Symposium, held in Vitória, Brazil from 2 to 5 June 2009. The event is held every two years and brings together researchers from all the coffee-growing areas in Brazil to discuss the latest advances in coffee science.

sette0609.pdf Further Information (PDF File)
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(US cents/lb)  21/05/2015
ICO Composite 121.35 -3.3%
Colombian Milds 147.48 -3.9%
Other Milds 155.33 -4.1%
Brazilian Naturals 128.12 -4.0%
Robustas 86.34 -1.2%

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