Presentations made at the seminar on coffee and the environment
27 and 28 May 1996

Sustainable development and environmental economics
Ms. Ivonne Higuero (UNEP, Nairobi)

Agricultural commodities and the environment
Mr. Mehmet Arda (UNCTAD, Geneva)

Sun versus shade: coffee trends and consequences
Mr. Robert Rice (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Washington, D.C.)

Impact of coffee production on the environment in Côte d'Ivoire (in French)
Mr. Denis Seudieu (Commodities Ministry, Côte d'Ivoire/ICO)

The world in a cup of coffee - a case study in opinion moulding from Sweden
Mr. Calle Åkerstedt (Swedish Coffee Information)

Managing coffee processing effluent in Costa Rica (in Spanish)
Ing. Rolando Vásquez (Coffee Institute of Costa Rica)

Environmental concerns in coffee processing in Brazil
Prof. Peter H. May (Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro)

The perception of environmental issues in the coffee trade
Mr. H.A. Petzold (DKV - German Coffee Trade Association)

Organic coffee: problems and prospects
Mr. Thomas B. Harding (President, Organic Crop Improvement Association)

The economics of environmentally-sound coffee; suggestions for future action
Mr. Paul Katzeff (Chairman, Environmental Committee, SCAA)

Shade vs. non-shade practice in coffee cultivations in India
Mr. P. Matthai (Chairman, Coffee Board of India)

Coffee growing in Indonesia: a built-in and environmentally-friendly system
Mr. M. Yahmadi (Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters)